Who Should Attend

We believe in the strength of diverse perspectives and the value of different forms of knowledge.

We invite participants from academia, NGOs and civil society groups, government, consulting companies and business to join us for two days in June to expand your networks and deepen your understanding as we explore Leadership for Inclusive Development together. Whether you’re a current or emerging leader of the sector, you will be sure to benefit from this unique space.

 Still not sure if it’s for you?


If you have a past or current research or teaching interest in the theory and practice of leadership, collective action and/or inclusive development – this conference if for you. You will have the opportunity to learn from and share the latest research evidence on different understandings of leadership as well as effective models of implementation. You can explore how institutional and individual leadership can contribute to inclusive development in practice.

Civil Society (NGOs, community-based practitioners)

If your work in the design and implementation of international or community development programs strives to achieve inclusive and equitable outcomes – this conference is for you. If your NGO or community organisation supports or demonstrates leadership for positive social change, you are encouraged to get involved and share your experience at this event. You will gain a broader understanding of different models and practices of leadership, and hear from peers as they share insights into inclusive programming through individual and collective leadership. If you represent a civil society organisation which represents groups who are often excluded from development processes, you are particularly encouraged to join us to share and learn.

Private sector

If you are designing and implementing shared value projects or seeking to collaborate for social impact – this conference is for you. We invite private sector actors who are wanting to actively demonstrate leadership in the corporate sector through sustainable development initiatives, as well as create enabling environment for local and inclusive leadership to emerge. Join us to learn from peers across different sectors and explore opportunities to work together.


If you play an active role in the design or implementation of inclusive development programs, this conference is for you. Policy makers have a significant role to play in advancing the conceptualisation of leadership in the field of international development. We encourage government representatives to join us to learn from the latest evidence and practice across disciplines, as we unpack the different models of facilitating leadership at all levels.


The RDI Conference has much to offer emerging sector leader and we strongly encourage the participation of Australian and international graduate students who are seeking to connect their area of study with the thematic focus on inclusive development. You will learn from experts across a range of disciplines, sharing their experience on the practice of individual and collective leadership to advance social change. Join us in June to grow your networks and expand your understanding of the potential leadership roles you could play in the field of development.

 If you do not fit into one of the categories above – or perhaps you sit somewhere in between – you are more than welcome to join us. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.